Mr.Dale - Wi Cultuh(Crop Over 2009)
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ga long mr.dale do ya ting.

Keep wukking up...Don't Stop...It is we cultuh. a matter of fact, put in a wine fa me on Kadooment Day, all de way from New jersey. Can't wait to chip to dis one on Eastern Parkway. Luv Ya Mr Dale

Definitely liking this one.

love it love it lovvvve it!


this song is bad ,love it

Loving the chune Mr. Dale!!!!!!


Choon !

Lovely, wuk it up, tic toc

De Bajans Is WukUppers lol! Loves IT

nice melody, very groovy.

you rock


Excellent tune, nothing but the best is expected.

Luv it Mr Dale. keep up the good work.

nice tune me addicted already :)

Nice chippin tune

I love that beat and the rendition Dale - good Job

What can I say "Dale is Dale" always a serious piece of work. Another one to rock the parties this year. NNNNNIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Again Mr. Dale has proven that he is a contender in the musical arena. He has never disappointed! Irie!!!!!!!!!

Thanks a million for the great comments folk. Good or are the people and this music is for you, so I take it all in stride and humbly so. Glad you really feeling dis choon......means alot to me. Nuff more coming ....Soon!!
Again...... Thanks a million and have a great CropOver season.

love it Mr. dale your a Soca Junky

hi dale it is really nice and different continue doing what u r doing always nice since kay lay lay. I love when the music kinda stop and then when it pick up the lil fast thing

The man is sooooo consistent... I love the man music

cha mr.dale every year u stepping up de level of ur music n its a joy to hear such good material from you bro , keep up the level bar so that others can follow i sure u is a leader . rick rick

Mr Dale 4 Prime Minister!!!! LOL!!! WE WUKKIN' UP!!!!!

Now iam in full wukup mode was waiting to hear what u bringing.It is impressive i LLLLLooooovvvveee it bad.nose nose hole bad word

my boy mr dale. this one 2 sweet. i love ur ragga soca it works for u


MR.DALE what to say about this song wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww it is a song that i expected from you something nice that u can dance to in the party and chip to on the road also it talks all about what happens when it is crop overtime it sends out a positive vibe to me about the season its goin to be sweet fa days .................i like it alot

dale, dis one bad, can't get enuff of it. this gine destroy d place. i don't feel d rest of the calypsonians get d memo yet so i sending it out now......... DON"T MESS WID D BOSS MR. DALE,UR JUST NOT IN HIS LEAGUE!!!

I did waiting and as always you did not disappoint

"We wukkin up" when we reach Spring Garden....sounding nice Mr Dale!
Bless Up (",)

Let me say this right. Mr. Dale you sound great and I luv this track but please find another producer to work with next year. Same ole same ole from 2 years ago. No versatility or creativity. Nice Mr. Dale

i love it...keep wukin up...and fi fye fo fum...i smel the blood of a west indian1 lollllll keep doing it babes....

Chaa man Mr. Dale, I tell you already you does keep it real, when I see wha de detractors aka downpressers had ta seh bout dis dwaingerous tune you bring out I does gotta laugh, cause dem miss de train, just because, just because alluh we know yuh was born feh dis, it does always tek good soca like dis fuh we soka junkies not to have tuh listen tuh junk all de time, afterall, is we cultuh! ;)

Some people are like so sad but Dale this is a big tune, i love it and i have it to win everything cause it has everything an outstanding song needs. {Great Lyrics, Beat, Melody, etc} plus i am sure everyone else will love this also. You are understandably the best!!!!!

Big Big BIG tune..dass it keep up the good work. I love this song!!

There you go again!!! Getting me addicted to one more song :)
I can't wait for the CD. I am going to make everybody listen to it.
Great work!!! Keep it up!!!!

Once again Mr. Dale has created another hit!!!!!!!! I love dis song a lot. I have my co-workers listening to this tune. And we all agree this is part ah we cultuh. keep up the good work!!!!!

Anotha BIG tune from Rudder as u correctly said "um is part ah we cultuh" unfortunately de haters is part to but den again "dey can stop it"

Keep em seein RED...

Dude dis tune tight "um is part ah we cultuh" keep de BIG tunes comin n de haters gine see more RED!!! LOLOLOLOL... cuddear doa i really feelin dem pain

Dale thats a HARD TUNE AGAIN!! I LOVE this song. Keep it up. I got that bastin hard out here. I got people who dont even listen to soca jammin to it. Do ya ting.

love this one, i have read the comments , what i need everyone to do now is to see the reaction of the people in the fetes after that nothing u say here now really matters.

Suzette: I've explained to the relevant person what I meant bout it sounding like soca junkie to me and if u onstood wha i wrote u will see i retracted my previous comment about that...enuff bout that...

this is a wicked track coming down from DALE fuh real one of the better one this yr... i want a song next yr tho... lol

Loving this one ,Can't wait for the album

them cant do nein you u Dale boy!Tune crazy! Loving this tune fa real

Everytime I hear this song I want to party. Love it, love it. No part of this choon sounds like soca junkie, clearly aerdnaj has a problem with their ears.

Everytime I hear this song I want to party. Love it, love it

Um is part of Wi Cultuh

and no i'm not saying Mr Dale or his producer has issues...don't mean dem...

so took a listen again...ok so i see ur point....however i dont want anyone taking what i say as a diss to anyone about this song or any others clearly some ppl have issues...(u know who u r)

have to agree wit Kandy...sound samish ~if dats a word~ but u get my point...could easily mistake this song for soca junkie...something needs to be done about this MR DALE...

I listened to it and the song is good and lyrics and melody but as far as the beat goes when I heard it Winning Season was the first thing on my mind. I'm not bashing here but I think this song could have been more hype on a different beat, something new and more interesting.

Akeem,you are completely missing the points that we are trying to make. Maybe you are just a Mr. Dale fan and are not familiar with other songs produced by the said producer we are discussing. Mr. Dale is great- we are not talking about him. The producer has no versatility! Same thing over and over. Listen to the bass, kick, just listen to his damn songs. It is reaching a point in time where all of his production ALL sound the same!

i don't see anything wrong with the beats, basically there great plus the song is amazing, and if you did not realise the lyrics are amazingly extraordinary as well.

akeem i think u are missin the point of what the others are sayin... they are not debating the fact that mr. dale can sing... but what they're saying is the producer's beats leave a lot to be desired

This song is the business Dale, don't mind the idiots and the haters below my comment,that ain't know nothing good if it hit them flat in them face. What ever you sing is pure gold!!!!!!!


same dwaingerous sh*T again, boringggggggggggg

yes Dale I like ummm so keep dem coming

I agree Kritik! U couldn't have said it better than me! No disrespect to Dale, song nice, lyrics, melody, etc - BUT riddem - booooooring! Same old Same old!

de song is good, but frig man! dis man gine eva change up de f-ing beat? i hear bout 10 songs with this same beat dis year (not to mention last yr and the year before)! he got the unregistered version of the computer software? mek someting new man.

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