Mister Traxx - Stage Call(Crop Over 2009)
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Again big ups to Star and ya know what I gotta say thanks to Hurricane and the whole 98.1 family who give me that push this year ya betta believe it CULPRIT I SHALL RETURN !!! BLESS !!!

yea traxx love this one

blessings ratman I hope I see ya next year again....

yea traxxx like it

Loving it. Good stuff

this tune so bust it BIG YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my boi MISTER BIG TRAXX

low low low

wait i notice i getting comments too before i get on the main page BOOOOPP !!!

Different producer, different style, anyhow ya write how ya feel, got no probs wid dahhhhh lololol blessings and the funny thing is lolol I know these critics so far cause most people don't know "AGAIN" it ain't even on Bajantube anymore....Anyhow next year Terry Denny that produce "Again" shall be back "Again" but this song is obiviously meaningless cause most "wukup" tunes as u put it are jus for do bad purposes anyhow love the haters too lolololol

alot better an has good lyrics compared to most d songs i hear so far an i went tru dem all on bajantube an dis is one of d few good ones, biigin up traxx an it biggin it bim the land or sea an sun

stupse. even traxx singing shit this year. only like the beat. falling from your standard in "Again".

it nice. cud be better tho. "Again" was better, seems like this song is just for wukup people. kinda meaningless so to speak, and ya not really "singing" this year. last year ya was singing more in "Again". but it nice.

Ah fighting hard hope wanna like um blessings to ya all.....

Good Work Traxx Nice Track

Go Traxx

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