Blood - Chaos[Chaos Riddim](Crop Over 2k9)
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Luv it!!!!

top tune fuh real......."we ready to go, we starting de show" CHAOS!!!!!! Madness on de road............

chaos some call it madness but this is love i love it

Song onnnnn blood. Good job.I am soo sorry i can't jump this year but next year i will be on the rd doing bad.

This is de one for the road and Party Monarch

Wicked choon.Wicked riddim...........Go


I agree with aerdnaj, Riddum Sekshun sounds better.

can't wait for chaos on the highway..nice

CHAOS !!!!!!!! Some call it madness but this is LOVE !


This is song is pure hype. The only problem I have with it is that Mikey's song has the same rhythm - suppose both of you get into party monarch with the songs on the same rhythm, how will that go down? Is the even possible? Hmmmmmm

Riddim Sekshun sounds better...

Man Andy this gine cause real chaos.Niceness

i just love this riddim, got me feel like partying. it is pure chaos cropver 2009

i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee itttttttttttt

love this tune

THIS IS THE ROAD MARCH FOR 2009 FA REALLLLLLLLLLL LOVEEEEEEEEEEE IT....BLOOD IS VERY TALENTED........check out the song Waistline Destruction by Faith Yearwood...keep the bajan flag flying high...PROUD TO BE BAJAN

I like it. Blood is always consistent! One of my favs every year. However, i think it is a little wordy.

no comment no comment no comment... ah say I aint gine comment .....kidding... blood as always you just dont disappoint me, carry on honey ya bad as ever... oh and de album on point again

we ready to go

This tune GIN BE MADNESS - THINK ABOUT IT!! ALL THE ELEMENTS FOR CULTURAL EXPLOSION - u wont regret coming to this fete, if u want to wine back, put ya hand in the air we ready to go

In all seriousness this song is a party monarch/road march tune It has lyrics, melody, it generates audience participation can you imagine thousands of people on the road shouting CHAOS??Waving flags, rags,

Bajanflava needs to air dem mouth over a toilet too.....STOP HATING UP ON OUR LOCAL ARTIST LIKE DIS...other artist does sing a bunch a shit and we does luv it and wunna don't say a ting.....Stupid people

Boss Lady52 needs to go take a shit and let out her toxins over a toilet and stop criticizing other artist....somebody from another camp send u????? STOP PULLING DOWN DE ARTIST AND SUPPORT ALL OF THEM and go lose weight and air yuh stink mouth over a toilet wid yuh size 52 azz....BLOOD nice work, my peeps are enjoying ur work this year and u keep improving. Keep it up. FORGET DE HATERS.

Blood, is a good vocalist. N this will be a great wuk up look out for the Chaos.

Chaos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luv it!!!!!!!!

Blood is a great singer...especially with social commentry..but i dont like this one i love back it up dat is just my opinion but i dont think he shud stop singing..i like serious music not these sort of songs that is the truth...and to me producing for crop over aint man got to sing and eat like anybody else

i like, great song

Dahs like de second negative comment by said BajanFLava ..hmmmm.....anyways everybody got their own opinion P.S> if u doan waan hear Blood sing - doan listen DUHHHHHHHHHHH.....DO ya Ting Blood

Blood sounding good this year; i heard this for the first time at the St. Andrew cavalcade

I agree...Blood isn't a bad singer by any stretch of imagination...there is no reason why he shud stop singing...this isn't a bad song all things considered!!!!

Bajanflava hush do....tell me y he should stop singin n only produce?
If u aint got nain to say keep offa bajantube ya upsetting ah SOCADIVA

chaos.... chaos.. chaos

On and Poppin"

why blood don't stop singing and just stick to producing.



well den my ppl again wanna ready fa diz one cause it is bare chaos

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