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No More Innocent People Dying

  • No More Innocent People Dying is a roots reggae and dub poetry dedication to our lost souls and lost lives due to racism, fratricide, homicide, wars and genocide. It was inspired by the recent murders of Trayvon Martin and Rekia Boyd, alleged police murders in Florida and other senseless violence. This song is also a message for Africans/Blacks to stop killing each other via guns and gangs. The song has an irie roots reggae beat with Bajan singer Dian Forde in the background and dub poetry by Kamal Imani.


    No More Innocent People Dying
    Let's Pause for a moment of silence

    No More Innocent People Dying
    Let's Pause for a moment of silence

    See What I Mean?
    See What I Mean?
    See What I Mean?

    Survival unit
    That's what we are
    As a people fighting for freedom
    We've come real far
    If you think the fight is over
    You're under an illusion
    You better get back on the battlefield
    Keep the fire burning
    And keep Pan Africanism moving
    They want to exterminate us
    They've killed Jews,Christians,Muslims,Native Americans, Armenians and Aboriginies.
    What makes you think they won't kill you?
    So stop killing each other
    And put operational...
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