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Bucky Wukk Up Lucozade

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Dis one hard pun it

lol...dis one hard jan..

aye dem people in de video get on bad man

this is great! i ain shame...wukkin up is ma middle name!!!!!!!!!


cant get enough a dis videa



yayyyy,this one mad

this vid bad i in d do bad crew so wanna dun know i supporting d2
jumping i might look shabby this year but i gine do badd to this song ya hear lol


well done

dis advertisement still got me. luv dis vid baddd

I Love this song, i gin do baddy to dis.

this is hilarious!! lol

lol..gotta luv it

i really like this so much then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i like this bad

This is HILARIOUS!!!

aye aye aye .... bup bup bup .... wukkin up is my midddle name

jenele aint waste nuh time boy...keda bout hey wukkin hollerin fuh wwwaaaiitt aaaiieee lol

I love this!!!

sexyjen18.. dis is d2 link me on facebook the name is david davis... you are so creative lucozade should give you something.. your video is crazy.. luv it. bless..D2.. I AINT FRIGHTEN..LOL

this vid hard boy... wukkin up is my middle name fa real

i aint shame this song gine mash u pcrop over

nice.... wukkin up iz my middle name

i like this vid tho it real hard

This did not upload properly and it got some the video chop off. I gun try and upload it over.
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